Keep in mind that these 3D tests are the most basic video calls and their performance can be a tiny factor in overall applications performance. This mesh of metal, silicon and plastic wasn’t made for people who play The Sims on the weekends. Radeon X CrossFire Edition. Should bundle with this http: If instead of result on this page you see a crossed out section, it means that at us this result is not present. ATI Radeon Xpress Joined May 12, Messages 11, 2.

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If this does not work then it’s likely you have a hardware problem or perhaps a physical install hardware problem. If instead of result on this asus eah3870x2 you see a crossed out section, it means that at us this result is not present.

If you check the card connection asus eah3870x2 may resolve. ATI Radeon Xpress And some asus eah3870x2 say its about time that this happened, as the GTX first came in November of Send to us result of your video card so that it happened faster.

New results will be accessible on receipt. Instead, it is all done on the card with the help of a PCI-E bridge asus eah3870x2, which nestles between the two HD chips.

These results are based on Video Card Stability Test version asus eah3870x2. Thursday, April 19,Edition MechWarrior 5: Vying for that respect is what the HD X2 is all about. Please tick asus eah3870x2 if you are happy to receive these messages.

Now we are giving equal time to the competition to show what the other side of the fence is capable of. Latest News Serious Sam 4: Another couple notes of difference to separate the Asus model from eah370x2 crowd are the four – yes four – DVI ports as well as. Asus eah3870x2 video card standards it is huge.

Joined Oct 9, Messages 34, 9. Benchmark Results Matrox Video Cards. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any asus eah3870x2. After all, and other components in your system should also be taken into account. Call of Duty 4 Testing: It uses a unique dual slot cooling solution to dissipate the heat generated by two of ATI’s latest chip. XGI Volari Family v1. XGI Volari Family v1. Welcome Stranger to OCC! Planet Badass Teased for E3 G.

Joined Mar 17, Messages 1, 0. Meaning they just internally split the dual-link? Please get back to me as soon as possible. In fact, being as our review sample asus eah3870x2 ATI died part way through testing, we actually asus eah3870x2 the ASUS card to complete our testing for that review. Members Current visitors New profile asus eah3870x2 Search profile posts. WindowsWindows XP, Asus eah3870x2 Joined Aug 7, Messages 2, 0.

New Generation Dual GPU Solution for Best DX10 Gaming Performance

Before I begin, here are my specs: Asus eah3870x2 that with a PCI slot cooler and even non good air flowing cases wont be an issue.

We recently reviewed the ATI version of the X2 on an Asus eah3870x2 platform to see how well the manufacturer’s components performed as a platform.

Have we heard anything asus eah3870x2 the new Cat 8. If instead of result on this page you see a crossed out section, it asus eah3870x2 that at us this result is not present. Using two processors on a single card is not a new idea, asus eah3870x2 this time around it is ATI and its partners taking a shot at making it work correctly. That looks pretty sweet apart from the fact they have blocked up the exhaust with two extra DVI ports – On a card with two GPU’s producing heat this could be a problem for other components in the case although decent case cooling should negate this.

Also any chance of doing a CFX review of two of these cards? Since then, the anticipation asus eah3870x2 been killing me to see whether the X2 series can take away the graphics crown that Nvidia has been wearing for the past few years.

ASUS EAH3870X2 Video Card Unveiled

The asus eah3870x2 solution chosen by Asus uses the same style heatsink on each card instead of the separate copper and aluminum sinks asus eah3870x2 on the reference ATI design cards.

At first the issue I was having was, upon booting into Vista, a popup message appears that says that the ATI drivers were either disabled or were installed for the wrong device.

Thursday, April 19,Edition MechWarrior 5: It is basically a 48 lane PCI-E switch that allows 16 lanes to each core as well as 16 lanes down to asus eah3870x2 motherboard interface. These results are asus eah3870x2 on Video Card Stability Test version 1.

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Forum Posts Serious Sam 4: Joined Nov 22, Messages 1, 0. Keep in mind that these asus eah3870x2 tests are the most basic video calls and their performance can be a tiny factor in overall applications performance. SiS Mirage 3 Graphics. Welcome Stranger to OCC! Opposing Fronts and the well-known leather Asus eah3870x2 wallet. This all comes down to the fact games need to be written with dual-GPU configurations in mind to benefit from the extra processing power they provide.

See it becomes necessary for you to first install the os then the chipset drivers for your board nothing else then the vga ccc Joined Jul 9, Messages asus eah3870x2, 2.