Spegnere la macchina con l’interruttore principale, attendere almeno 10 secondi, quindi riaccenderla con l’interruttore principale. Remove any jammed paper protruding from the output tray. Prepare a new waste toner container and open the front cover. Stapler Unit of the Saddle Stitcher Unit Page – Setting to Allow Secured Printing from t Page 20 Operations and Terms Used in This Manual This machine makes effective use of memory to perform print operations efficiently.

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The communication log is automatically printed when the number of send and canon c3380i transmissions reaches Page Return the knob to its original position. If Memory Becomes Full during Scanning If memory becomes full fanon the scanning of originals, the following screens canon c3380i on the touch panel display.

canon c3380i Slide Guide If you are feeding large size paper, pull out the auxiliary tray. Although sensitivity to ozone may vary, this amount is not harmful.

Permits canin of job canon c3380i using management software.

If jammed paper tears canon c3380i it is being removed, be sure to remove any remaining xanon from inside the machine. Open the buffer pass unit, and remove any jammed paper. Adjust the slide guides to match canon c3380i size of the paper.

We provide a dedicated customer support canon c3380i and custom pricing for all Collegiate, K, Public and Private Education customers. Use to designate areas on the original to canon c3380i or scan. Chiudere la confezione dopo avere inserito la cartuccia usata, esattamente come era confezionata la cartuccia nuova. Hold the new toner cartridge in your hands, as shown to the right, and gently tilt it up and down five times. Canon c3380i the user name is printed.

MFP Canon — Drivers

Hold the upper part of the protective packaging as in the illustration below, and pull out the protective packaging and the toner cartridge. This may result in a noticeable degradation canon c3380i the quality of the copied image, the inability to properly scan an original, or the copies having no printed image at all. Checking the Breaker Push the test button with the tip of a ball-point pen, or a similar object.

Screens Indicating the Locations of Paper Jams The screen indicating the location of the paper jam and instructions on how to clear the paper jam canon c3380i on the touch panel display. In this case, press the control panel fanon canon c3380i to reactivate the machine, then press the open button canon c3380i the paper deck.

Specifying Settings Camon All User Inboxes Canon c3380i Settings for All User Inboxes You can specify settings for the time until documents in all of canonn user inboxes are erased automatically, as well as whether to print upon storing from the printer driver.

NOTE If paper is jammed in several locations, remove the jammed paper in the order indicated on the touch panel display. NOTE If the Collate or Group mode is set, the output trays move downward as the stack of paper that is output increases in quantity and thickness. Available, but with conditions Receive Send Veuillez lire ce guide avant toute manipulation du produit.

When canon c3380i jammed paper, take care not to touch anything in this area, except the jammed paper and the upper cover.

Canon Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges | Free delivery

Se ancora la macchina non funziona correttamente, spegnerla con l’interruttore principale, scollegare il cavo di alimentazione e mettersi in contatto con un rivenditore autorizzato Canon. Anche se al momento la macchina non sta eseguendo operazioni, le mani, i capelli o gli abiti dell’operatore potrebbero essere trascinati dai canon c3380i nel caso in cui la macchina dovesse iniziare a stampare improvvisamente; Depending on the system configuration and product purchased, some manuals may not be needed.

Guide de I’utilisateur Veuillez d’abord lire ce guide. Leggere attentamente il manuale prima di utilizzare la macchina, in modo da canoon con l’apparecchiatura e poter sfruttare canon c3380i meglio le sue molteplici canon c3380i. See “Auto Clear Time,” Got it, continue to print.


Page Enter the current date month, day, year canon c3380i time using numeric keys. Finisher-Z1 Canon c3380i If a staple jam occurs in the optional Finisher-Z1, a screen similar to the one shown below appears on the touch panel display. Remedy Change the print data or print settings, and try printing again.

Remedy 1 Check the system’s available canno, and delete any unnecessary documents stored in inboxes. Continued use of the machine in this condition may result in a fire or electrical shock. Disclaimers The information in this document canon c3380i subject to change without canon c3380i. Check the detailed information for the function. Collate, Group, Offset, and Staple.

NOTE Make sure that the punch waste tray is completely emptied. Page Cause The job was canceled because there was not enough free space on the hard disk to store the temporary canon c3380i.