Information in this document is subject to change without notice. It acts as a reference to service engineers who are approved by Colortrac. This manual also for: Colortrac announces an affordable new SmartLF Ci 40 large format technical document scanner. Page 13 of Replace and tighten the 3 x csk screws to hold the retaining bracket back in place.

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Replace the paper hold down retaining bracket making sure the 2 x springs are held in place as positioning in place.


The SmartLF Ci 40 is: Move the extrusions until they are holding the mounting bracket firmly in place, with no free movement, but still able to freely remove the CIS mounting bracket again. If so, colortrac smartlf ci 40 the power cable i.

Release the CIS by loosening the 2 x grub screws in the side wall of the mounting bracket. Scan the original and share with your colleagues, then work online.

Large Format Scanner – Colortrac SmartLF Portable Document Scanner

A series of typical wide format document types will colortrac smartlf ci 40 displayed in sequence with two images shown side-by-side. To remove the top lid cover colortrac smartlf ci 40 gain access to the inside of the paper guide assembly: Its Colortrac smartlf ci 40 scanners define and lead every section of the wide format scanner market.

The panel is hinged so will not need to be totally removed. Tighten ic tension adjustment screw up, making sure the tension Do not have bar is taking any slack out of colortra belt before doing so. Use a pozi-drive screw driver, remove the 2 x countersunk screws at either end on the paper guide assembly. Insert the two M4 x 6mm screws into the snartlf either side of the USB2 connector. It is recommended that this process can only be repeated maximum of 10 times, the cables need to be replaced if it exceeds that amount of times.

Clean each piece of glass with a soft cloth before replacing the glass into the slot in the CIS mounting bracket. Colortrac smartlf ci 40 the end cover and keep it, with the 5 x screws, in a safe place ready for colortrac smartlf ci 40. Push into position and replace the 3 x pan head screws at either end of scanner. Replace PSU as in chapter 6.

With ScanWorks, you simply scan once, and then perform image cleaning and enhancement on the scan in real colortrrac.

Remove timing belt as shown in chapter 6. Replace as described in chapter 5. Gently pull the ribbon cables out of each C in turn to free the mounting collortrac from the scanner.

The New SingleSensor is a single full width 42 inch array of Contact Imaging Sensors CIS that are housed in robust structure and pre-aligned, giving higher optical quality and improved match between sensors.

Colortrac smartlf ci 40 a leading innovator in the manufacture of award-winning, high definition wide format scanners and colortrac smartlf ci 40 software, its SmartLF scanners offer unrivalled price and performance benefits to demanding professional users worldwide.

Colortrac SmartLF Cx40m Service Manual

Open access panel as in chapter 5. Become a partner Find a partner. S,artlf the 5 x M5 Pan Head Screws holding end cover to the scanner. Gently lift the CIS mounting bracket out, being careful not to pull on the Colortrac smartlf ci 40 cables that can be broken if pulled out of sockets incorrectly.

Colortrac Ltd assumes no responsibility for errors that may appear in this document. If you need to scan graphic or photographic documents the Colortrac challenge will help you colortrac smartlf ci 40 the right scanner technology based on your own unique preferences. How Can We Help You? Colortrac has also worked closely with its supplier to perfect new custom designed CIS modules with bi-directional LEDs that strobe RGB light onto the original from both sides of the rod lens array.

Finally, a true low cost wide format scanner! Make sure that none of the cables are being pulled tight or have caught on anything while in the lowered position. Then insert the remaining nine M3 x colortrac smartlf ci 40 screws around the board, when all are in place, tighten all the screws up, making sure not to apply too much pressure.

This manual also colortrac smartlf ci 40 Loosen the tension adjustment screw to release the pressure on the timing belt. Remove Left Hand End Cover as in chapter 5. Release the belt from the paper hold down roller, and lift clear of scanner, repeat with the 2 roller if necessary. Re-position the roller pulleys and tighten the 2 x grub screws.

Page 48 of Remove retaining nuts from top two locations within the PSU cover, and lower cover. Replacing Pinch Roller Assembly Remove the top lid cover as described in chapter 5.

Page 21 of Re-fit the 4 x M4 nuts to fasten motor in place making sure the washers are in place behind the nuts. Cx40 Service Manual 6. Replace the pulley on to the new pinch roller assembly, or replace the timing belt at this point and refit the pinch roller assembly back colortrac smartlf ci 40 position in the pinch roller posts.

Prospective purchasers of wide format scanners have a choice between SingleSensor CIS based scanners and the typically more expensive CCD image sensor technology. To remove the Right Hand end cover, that covers colortrac smartlf ci 40 control panel of the scanner: Page 14 of SmartLF wide format scanners are available in a range of: