January 31, at 7: Looks like I have to buy a new CPU. What should I do? Unplugged the power plugged everything back in and to my amazement it worked. February 19, at 7: In my case, the amber light was because the HD was damaged, trying with another one showed a green light again.

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This is great post I had amber blinking fast power compaq presario sr5130nx and it was a USB front port. I did check on my usb port, and one of them got the pins all messed up. When I plug charger and press power button there are 4 amber light following 1 white light light flashing but laptop not powering on.

I have Dell gx A shot of canned air, and the computer now boots without any issues. My compaq presario sr5130nx amber power button turned out to be…my video card. Powered back up and same problem. Instead of a slowly blinking amber light, I received a fast-blinking one.

But when I checked the usb ports, one of them has damaged, 2 pins touching each other, I fixed them but the ambar flashing light compaq presario sr5130nx still there. Replace the 3v battery on the motherboard. February 24, at 7: I just change my Dell Dimension baterry… first it works fine… compaq presario sr5130nx a few minutes the screen became blank… and the pc just wont stop rebooting….

They looked like they got hot, there was a tiny bulb on top of them. Tried replacing the power supply, tweaking usb pins, blew every spec of dust, surge protector, everything.

This is the first model compaq presario sr5130nx the desktop series. BUT recently Sr513n0x was provided with a new Toshiba by work and after removing Vista, I have been using that for the last 4 months. I am not having any spare battery to check. Good luck out there, and if you fixed you problem compaq presario sr5130nx adjusting a USB port, I envy you.

Amazing what happens if you let people share info. Wonder how long this will hold. It was the processor. This site helped me compaq presario sr5130nx. Of course it cried about the fan being unplugged but it powered up. January 8, at 8: Things like power supplies can be quite dangerous. I just really want this light to stop flashing. Compaq presario sr5130nx 21, at The hard drive is incased in a plastic holder which I think adds to the build up of heat and since running the computer with the cover removed the dreaded orange blinky light has not returned hope this helps.

March 5, at 9: Does anyone know what it means if the battery light on the front panel is yellow as well?? Whether you put a voltmeter on it or compwq swap in a known good power supply, you will have your answer. My problem compaq presario sr5130nx up being the 3V battery. I got the same problem.

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October 15, at 8: After finding this thread, I looked and compaq presario sr5130nx a bad USB port. I bought a powered kensington usb hub and started to get the flashing orange light. I took it to Best Buy and they suggested buying a new power compaq presario sr5130nx.

THe battery seems really warm but I dont know if that is a dell thing or not.

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Pls tell me how to solve this problem i my CPU. Please can some one help? Well, just to add my 2 cents to this freaking awesome thread, I tried everything all compaq presario sr5130nx way up to comment