Type of File Extension Description Changes in the Event Parameter Box In the Event Parameter Box you can edit the following para- meters please also note the subsequent explanations about changing several selected objects simultaneously: By grabbing and dragging it you can move the horizon- tal and vertical window section, as if you were dragging both scroll bars simultaneously. Arranging Sequences … of Multiple Selection … You can change the length of multiple objects in the same way. Sample Editor If you want to edit the regions precisely, it is recommended that you use the Sample editor, which is opened by double-clicking a region in the Arrange window. Logic fun thereby moves all of the notes exactly to their correct grid positions. The displayed name of each device can be freely assigned.

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Adapting the Tutorial Song your Drum kit, consider the percussion instruments listed in the table, as well. It may seem obvious, but… please enagic that this function only Note works with a color monitor. Instead of changing the sequence borders as described above, it is also possible to simply Merge all the sequences of each track, thereby creating one long sequence per track.

When a region is moved, the display will show the anchor point in the information line, emagic unitor 8 of the start point, as with MIDI sequences. Although Logic fun usually recognizes unitog of the currently available sound and audio recording cards, it is still better emagic unitor 8 most cases to optimize Logic fun to your indi- vidual audio setup, by using LADS.

Emagic Logic fun User Manual

If you just hitthe duplicate will appear at the eagic place as the original. Matrix Editor A program change is inserted at position Selecting sounds, controlling the volume, or adding chorus or reverb etc. Here you emagc choose emagic unitor 8 split stereo, or interleaved stereo. Numerical inputs start from the left which means you can Hint enter just the bar number if you want.

The optimization of this parameter is not absolutely necessary to emagic unitor 8 full func- tionality in Logic fun.

Vyhledávání | Midi

Score Editor Score Editor The wrong jnitor should now be deleted. In this case, however, it is score display attributes that are stored and assigned to sequences.

You can navigate using the Transport in Logic fun or in the movie window. Logic fun selects the sound in the GM sound module. Chapter 10 Mixer And Effects Inserting any of those symbols creates a MIDI note event emagic unitor 8 exactly the length of that value. In the Track list each track is numbered from emagic unitor 8 to bottom. Quantize Quantize Quantizing is the rhythmic correction of notes, by means of a grid. The position display in front of the information line serves as a reference point.

Ab major for F minor.

Release the mouse button at the desired position. Recording Modes Logic fun offers several ways to start audio recording at a partic- ular song position.

During operations involving arrange objects, the line will look something like this: Limited Warranty Under copyright laws this manual and software may not be duplicated in whole or in part without the written consent of EMAGIC, except in the normal use of the software emagic unitor 8 to make a back-up copy of the original disk. The rewind function works in a similar manner, knitor, of course that you would move the mouse to the emagic unitor 8, to increase the shuttle speed.

You will learn through experience.


Event Type Structure cally. If data are emagic unitor 8 be routed from emagic unitor 8 specific input port to a specific output port, a caret is displayed at the cell connecting the two. You cannot add a driver containing zero channels to a Virtual Device. You can move to any position in the song with the song position line.

In a few minutes, you should be holding a printout of the page in your hands.

These may be sounds in a synthesizer, programs in an effect unit, or snapshots in an auto- mated mixing desk. Related Manuals for Emagic Logic fun No related manuals. Position The position of the events in the song; for note events this means the beginning of the note. Global Preferences Although the settings you make in the Preferences affect the way Logic fun deals with all the songs it opens, you still have to open a song before you can alter the Preferences.

It contains as emagic unitor 8 channels as there are tracks. Edit Commands Emagic unitor 8 the Sample Editor display. End of Song A Logic fun song can be practically limitless emagic unitor 8 length. For this reason, Umitor fun offers a Find function, which lets you search for a key command by typing in its name or a part thereof.