Search titles only Posted by Member: It works just like WinAmp, you have a play list where you can select your songs. The EZFA software is designed to efficiently and rapidly get GBA roms – games from your computer onto your flash card, with no hassles. Mar 16, CA. I was basically expecting an EZFA with 1 gigabit of storage; a simple, but to the point cart that is reliable and speedy.

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If you want Video Clips use the Movie player. The only thing that may turn some peoples off with this ezf advance is the lack of features in the software. And M, M and M cart capacity available.

EZF Advance 256MB Cart

It works just like WinAmp, you have a play list where you can select your songs. But let’s get down to what this review really is about, testing the speed and compatibility of the Linker ezf advance Flash Card.

However, things didn’t look so good when I started testing out the games. Tons of free Software available.

EZF-Advance : EZFA

Log in or Sign up. This ezf advance a fair cart, despite certain small issues, such as slow burning times and game compatibility problems.

ezf advance I tried uploading the SMA game I just backed up to the EZFA2 Flash cart and it took ezf advance more than 1 minute and 33 seconds, not too bad but please note that erasing of ez flash isn’t included in that time, it was about 40 seconds extra. Feb 14, Solar Federation. Create your own gba eBooks with pictures and even sound or read regular PC.

Zef every GBA ezf advance cartridge is a battery even official Nintendo ones. From the page I linked it looks like you will have to do that also.

RARE EZF Advance M

So basically, if you make sure to play ezf advance least once every 3 weeks ; you won’t ever have to worry about your saves leaving you again. A huge difference, but both times are very poor compared to other carts. Commercial Gameboy Advance games are usualy 32 and 64 Mb big so on M cart – the ezf advance popular size – you can store 4 to 8 games.

Backing up to a computer everyone now and then is still recommended though, just in case. I don’t know how many actually use their EZFA2 for backing ezf advance games, but it’s not one of the fastest out there, but then again, not really a ezf advance either.

Need help with EZF Advance 256M cart!

This is an old flash card that I just got in the mail from ebay. The E-cube has two writing ezf advance options: I was expecting something more like the EZFA’s client, which is quick and to the point. Games can be adgance randomly not like in previous flash carts. Is it a normal mini USB? Patch Bro did you really really have to aadvance the kits? I was quite disappointed to see that ROM compression was not included in the software.

Vista x64, doesn’t work period, some people give ezf advance answers about hacking and ezf advance and the like to get it to work. No additional power required. Power Star version o EZ2 uses 1.

The very latest software, drivers and instruction manual will be ezf advance on CD with the Linker Unit. Although it may be a bit complicated to get started with, it is a very useful system, and my personal favorite.

If the games ezf advance smaller you can store more. However, after looking at this cart from a more objective point of view, therefore eliminating the ezf advance EZFA parallel, I found a good 1 gigabit cart with a great ezf advance system, an embedded SMS, and a generally lower price then its competitors. Made a mistake on my r4,need help delgauchoMay 29, at 3: Your name or email address: Writing speed was certainly disappointing.