There no lines on the monitor, I see them only on laptop screen. If you decide to take this laptop to the repair shop, it will be expensive. I get up and the screen is pitch black. Make sure all connectors are seated correctly. Find the inverter part number and google it or search on eBay. I can see a normal desktop screen through the projector screen when connecting. Can you get video on the external screen?

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Does this sound like I need hi grade m760s replace the screen inverter? The line pattern persisted. What else could it possibly be? The computer boots normally whether or not the display m760ss.

Screen inverter board | Laptop Parts

Once you get it into just the right hi grade m760s the display is fine. Someone correct me if you think I am wrong. I came to the same conclusion that you did and decided to buy a backlight for testing.

In advance, I appreciate your help. It works sometimes, but will intermittently start flickering, and it looks like a tv with vertical hold problems, white bars flickering. Try reconnecting the video cable. I had a customer with a Compaq laptop with a nearly identical lcd hi grade m760s that hi grade m760s cracked. Grafe spilled water on my laptop hp compaq nx After 2 hours I tried to start the laptop but the power button and HP quickplay buttons are not working.

I came across your site hi grade m760s searching for some answers. The screen display was really dim but the computer booted up fine.

Hi grade m760s I just change out the plug and have it work? Remove the hinge cover and take a closer look at the video cable. Do you see same problem on the external monitor when the laptop display is open all the way? You can try replacing the inverter.

hi grade m760s If you have hi grade m760s guess, replace the inverter first. Proceed on your own risk. I got a odd problem, got a dell vostro and the screen got sat on.

By the way, check the lid close switch. It sounds more like a connection related issue. It works and still gets hot.

Screen inverter board

A failed hi grade m760s card would affect image on the entire screen, not just a part of the screen. Trade are an absolute champion, This had been driving me crazy since i had my brand new laptop 3 months…. Then, some weeks ago, I started experiencing another annoying problem: Are all the inverters for the Vaio FZ series suitable?

However, after I assembled the inverter and opened my monitor I saw a window saying that a new monitor was found but still no image on my laptop. I would test the AC adapter first. My compaq nx no longer lights up. hi grade m760s

The old one did but continued to go out. Hi grade m760s for your help Viktoras. Then, without warning hl screen went black and that was it.

It depends on the laptop model. I have not tried to move the cable directly when the computer is on, but Hi grade m760s have moved it indirectly. First, I would try replacing the inverter board.

Have a wonderful night! I get up and the screen is pitch black. You hi grade m760s tell with one is causing the problem without replacing them with known good parts.

Do not forget to remove the battery. You can check the cables connected to the inverter board and try m760.