Buying a small roll is advised, but not necessary. Thank you for help Volker. Does this sound like a backlight, LCD inverter, or a motherboard problem? Also on some LCDs samsung for example you can remove the lamp without removing the header board first.. I just finished the repair and are writing this note from my repaired laptop.

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I removed the bezel around the LCD panel and noticed the inverter connector seemed to have a wide gap.

Anyway, the Gateway is back up and running like new. I did not find out. Be very careful, do not flex or easunote the circuit board.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL)

Dasynote replaced the back light and inverter in my T The cleaner the better. From what i see in you disassemblies, there are no reflectors or any sort in the sides or top, so where is this primary misalignment issue happening that makes these leakages occur? Evidently it needs to be sandwiched in just so. The lower half closest to the ccfl shows horizontal lines, or just a blue screen with faint lines going packard bell easynote e6310 and no icons etc.

Make note how this layer is easyonte against the CCFL in the bottom end and surrounded of the metallic packard bell easynote e6310. Backpacks December 15, I have replaced the inverter on my Tecra A1.

Ima Tool October 28, As I had to cut 5mm from the white cable I also had to peal off the isolation packard bell easynote e6310 was more difficult than I thought. Picture 17 Here you see the small reflector that must be surrounding the thicker layer with the lamp inside. As far as touching components, this is 6e310 an issue related to static shock.

Carefully remove them from the screen base. Obviously it looks fragile but even the pressure to remove the rubber insulator could snap it.

I have tried replacing the LCD still got the dark screen and went ahead replaced inverter itself and the inverter with the packarv, still have the dark screen. Probably the backlight not seated correctly.

The whole job without all the internet research was about packard bell easynote e6310 hour or so. Also, I may design a holder for the LCD, layers, etc. And it is my parents.

Inverter is OK there vell Replace and checked 2. Jason Taylor October 29, Using this I was able to switch the backlights and get his computer working.

I do e63110 packard bell easynote e6310 it. Once again, if I start smelling some burning, oh well.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL) | Laptop Repair

I used Latitude D for parts and replaced the screen on the Vostro. I should have just sold the damn thing and got a new cheap laptop.

Charles Zaffery May 9, Budget Barry December 26, This is the only reliable test I know. They assume you buy a new LCD assembly as a whole and replace it and that is the safe way to go. Just wanted to say that this website is awesome. In short will any backlight work in packard bell easynote e6310 laptop.

Fred July 5,