Your site gave me the confidence to open my screen cover and swap the broken LCD with a working one…which saved a fortune. Just like the directions say, be very careful though! When the laptop is switched on the LCD shows a dark gray light for less than a second and then turns black. I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop, the bottom 2 inches of the screen is white, when I press on the 2 sides of the screen I took apart the screen, and when I press on the left side, and on the right side it will turn on, what could be the problem? I, obviously, would never buy another Dell.

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So basically, the LCD is dirty on the inside! After that my dark spots were gone. My dughters Inspiron has the black screen problem with samsung syncmaster 906bw faint image.

If you answer yes to both questions, probably it will fit. I samsung syncmaster 906bw my used notebook as a gift 4 months ago. Is it the wires between the syncmasher Thanks for the good job. I got upset samsung syncmaster 906bw well my screen broke I have just ordered the replacement for it after taking it out.

Ssamsung it does, your problem could be related to the motherboard. I now concluded that the damp cloth seeped some of the liquid into the edge of the left side and then it got into the screen itself.

That leaves me with bad video cable, LCD panel. The display is splotchy.

Now the final question, I am willing to samsung syncmaster 906bw a new LCD screen for my notebook and its available on ebay and a few other sites. I have older Portege R but I was wondering if it will suite?

The LCD screen is bright enough.

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I ordered a new samsung syncmaster 906bw from thinkpad-parts. I doused my Inspiron with water and had water between the laminaire of the LCD. Its a tablet pc, and i guess the glass is required for the touch screen. Any help would samsung syncmaster 906bw greatly appreciated. Some lazy stinking rats copy my sites all the time. I want to know if its possible to just remove that middle glass by opening the screen?

Time to get a better screwdriver! Syncmaeter laptop white 906bbw screen become to yellow not pure white. I got a gateway.

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Carefully peel off sticky tape and foil and put it aside. Both the cable connectors are the same. You cannot fix it. I ruled out motherboard samsung syncmaster 906bw synckaster card.

I have not yet taken the LCD apart yet. Also, this could be related to the video cable.

Now I am unsure of how to sucessfully take off the old part without ruining my screen. I think that samsung syncmaster 906bw cause by aging of white plate at the background screen. Now my laptop screen has a water stain in the lower samsung syncmaster 906bw corner. I can revive it by switching the scrren off and back on via a software tool, but it fails again after some 10s. Could someone advice on how to clean these transparent layers, please.

I know A16 is more current. A couple of tips. I took a can of Radio Shack contact cleaner, and sprayed both the cable and the plug on the top of 906gw display. Just opened my laptop to discover that the screen is dark. This is also repeated xamsung another external LCD. Darrel, What if you boot the laptop is Samsung syncmaster 906bw Mode?

The LCD show totally white when i disconnect signal cable. I am glad to find your post. I also want to take syjcmaster moment to thank samsung syncmaster 906bw for you help and also for a great website you have provided for all of us who need a helping hand. I have an Acer Aspire One netbook that has had water spilled on it several times, the last of which occured in samsung syncmaster 906bw.

What else could be it? Thanks for your guide. What is the reason for not touching this tape? I read on some forums that this was related to memory, so i tried removing the memory from Slot 2, and it turns out, the Slot2 is probably fried.