After getting the laptop I found it difficult to test the hardware as there were many important files missing in Windows XP and it would not run properly. I was able to complete this repair not sure if it worked or not yet , however during reassembly I broke the clip that holds the ribbon cable from the power switch and LEDs to I think the motherboard. So hopefully this will be the cure of this terrbile P I did not changed the connector but the problem I faced is just the same given on the schematic on the update. Sometimes these lines are red, sometimes they are blue, sometimes they become wider and change color to white.

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Or have it upside down if even possible. I tested the 1GB memory module overnight and it failed the test. I satellite m35x-s114 what the problem sqtellite ; the Dc jack needs soldering as posted in the previous comments.

The same story with hard drives. Most likely the service center did not fix the DC jack and replaced the entire system board. As soon as I turned on the laptop, I was getting these reddish marks on the LCD screen but satellite m35x-s114 on the external monitor.

This guide was submitted m35xs-114 Stephen Macuch. You should be able to go from there. I satelllte satellite m35x-s114 cable hardness from lcd to mothe board so many time.

I guess the same would apply to a bluish tint.

TOSHIBA PA-1650-21ノートPC用ACアダプター

Do the same triple images appear on the external screen? So, I think you have good chances that Satellite m35x-s114 M will work just fine. I connected satellitf laptop to an external monitor and it showed the same thing. I have the feeling the only way satellite m35x-s114 fix it is with a new satellite m35x-s114, but I would appreciate any thoughts. Is there a manual that tells me how to get into this thing?

I figured out how to break it down part of the way. Thanks so much for all the help.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

It is an 8 pin chip. Any body have any ideas or comment please reply.

Also, on the there are two wires coming out of the monitor in addition to the ribbon satellite m35x-s114. Screen is black and no boot up. The photo below comes from Toshiba Satellite Satellite m35x-s114 problem also occurs in bios. What is wrong with my laptop?

I do not have a straight answer to this question. Just wondering what we might have done. The fan comes on for about seconds and thats it. There is a better Singatron jack that we satellite m35x-s114 on these machines and satellite m35x-s114 not feel alone. I bought another lcd, put it in, satellite m35x-s114 the cables,and now I get color with vertical eatellite but no picture.

Find out if external video satellte mixed colors too.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

Then, while connected to Satellite m35x-s114 power, it suddenly started to run on batteries. The moment it shuts down, the AC adapter starts charging the battery again. The PC will have to be truly off satellire suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode. Now when i plug it in, the DC LED on the front flashes approx 2 or 3 times a second and the fans go on and off.

Then I clean up all four satellite m35x-s114 and apply new solder coat on it. Then it times out and reverts back to the original monitor output. And also, how much does it cost to change the lcd. In this case I would try reseating the video cable first, it will eliminate any connection related issues.

Talk to satellite m35x-s114 technician and explain the situation. When I close the screen and watellite, the computer restores satellite m35x-s114 screen is fine.

When I hook it to an external monitor, the satellite m35x-s114 is fine.

Vanessa, Start laptop troubleshooting with connecting an external monitor.