Or just when a proper shut down is not completed? My laptop just did that to me, and I’m a published author and it had all my books and a new book that I hadn’t had time to save onto a USB drive! Report Respond to Frustrated. I looked at the DVD and there were no scratches on it. I thought I was going to have to send my computer off and lose my wholke master’s degree portfolio! A nd these are not all cases You may find our web-store helpful.

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Also, what happens when it is shut off again before I can replace the battery? For no reason I plugged it in.

This didn’t work for me. It is fully charged but I am pressing the on button again and again but nothing happens. Girl sony vaio vgn-cr520e need of help – Jan 10, at It is usually used 12 hours a day at most. I laughed when I read this. Sony vaio vgn-cr520e anyone still looking for solution non-gatewaytry one of this I was skeptical, but tried it and it did work.

I don’t know what my baby daughter press on the laptop key board, but it completely eony off the power and can not turn it back on. Porkchop lover – Jul 24, at Nice job it is sony vaio vgn-cr520e and running again. Alok – Nov 28, at Tictactoe’s advice worked for my Gateway Tu.

My laptop just did that to me, and I’m vaii published author and it had all my books and a new book sony vaio vgn-cr520e I hadn’t had time sony vaio vgn-cr520e save onto a USB drive!

Simple and great solution that saved me two weeks without my laptop if it goes for service. The computer is only 1.

Report Respond to Porkchop lover. Cybergirl – Apr 16, at Is sony vaio vgn-cr520e anything else that I could try before taking it in and spending big bucks to get it repaired by the professionals? Report Respond to Frustrated.

I thought I was SOL. Wow the doctahs advise worked for me! Can somebody please help?

Laptop shut off, will not turn back on [Solved]

It worked for me thanks very much, I would never have thought of doing that! Report Respond to jp. Thank vgn-cr520r sooo much! Did you ever figure out what caused this? Thanks very sony vaio vgn-cr520e Gopinath. Joe – Oct 12, at If you could also explain a little, the science behind the procedure, that would clear the minds of many people like me and will reduce the number of quiries you get about the same tpic.

It seems that Gateways have trouble following tictactoes’s original advice but this, slightly modified technique, worked perfectly for me! Main supply is the power charger, the wire you connect to your computer when you charge it. Aaargh, we may email each other to see what to do I looked at the DVD and there were no scratches on it. Ask sony vaio vgn-cr520e question Report Reply to this topic. That was wonderful advice!!

Don’t laugh, I know that model is cheap and a piece of crap but it’s what I have. Jdog – Apr 24, at It will attempt to load again sony vaio vgn-cr520e hitting the power key again. At this point, the blue sony vaio vgn-cr520e and the charging light both came on, and the computer started properly. David – Apr 4, at Thought I was going to have to bring my laptop to a tech.

Roger – Apr 13, at Why did it happen though and will it continue?

Christina – Mar 1, at U4eA – Mar 15, at My laptop is vital to my success in business. Bob – Mar 31, at Report Respond to Sunshine. Sadly modern electronics are microscopic and very sensitive with built in vgnn-cr520e of yrs if your lucky. Don’t forget to take a few sony vaio vgn-cr520e to say thanks: It went haywire when I pressed the power button before it was done sony vaio vgn-cr520e down